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I would like to welcome to the team Shade (3-D Modeler, 2-D Artist, Level Design), Tokki (Level Design), and Tanoku (Coding). Here are a few gun models that we have completed recently.

Welcome to the new Firearms 2 website! Posted By: FA2 Team

Well where to start, first off I would like to thank Apathy for spending hours on the phone with me and countless other hours working on the website with me. You're a gentlemen and a scholar and I wish to have your babies. Thanks also goes out to Rifleman for purchasing the new vbulletin forum license for everyone to enjoy and to the loyal Firearms fans that have been so patient. There are a few new team members to announce Christian Oelund (3-D Modeling, 2-D Art, Animation) Dyspatch (Level Design), Jennifer (Animation), Jester (3-D Modeling), Jonas (2-D Art) Kimono (2-D Art), Malignant (3-D Modeling), Pete (2-D Art), Qwerty (3-D Modeling, 2-D Art), Skinner (3-D Modeling), Smilie (Level Design), Tokki (Level Design) and last but not least Undertone (Level Design). As you can see the team has gone through a few changes, but the creative vision remains the same. There are some maps that we have been working on tcsd_durandal, tc_iwojima, ps_relief, ps_coldwar, ps_upham, ps_crash, ps_desertcrisis, ps_sandblast, and issas_box. There are other maps in production tc_rubble, ps_marie, ps_sand, ps_river, and more. Along with the new maps we have some other goodies to show you.

The following weapon models have been completed the AK74, G3A3, M14, M60, M249, Remington 870, Sterling, Bizon and Claymore. We have completed skins on the Anaconda, M67 Frag, Stielhand Granate, Glock, M79, Mac10's and a bunch of prop models. We also have our player models very close to being completed. Currently we are finishing up the skins before we animate and compile them. The hand models are basically at that same stage. There are many more things to talk about but I'll wrap it up now so I don't turn this short story into a novel. Stay tuned Firearms fans, updates will be happening far more frequently from now on. Take a look below at nine of the maps we have been working on and a few skinned weapons. All content on the website is/are works in progress and will change over time. We would also like to point out that we are presently looking to recruit a coder for the team.

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